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Ningbo Yueyang Power Equipment Co., LTD. (formerly Ningbo Zhenhai Yueyang electrical factory), established in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise with R&D, production and sales of high-power switching power supply as its main products.The company has accumulated many years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-power DC power supplies, focuses on the research and development of new products, keeps up with the latest technology, and works closely with the industry to absorb the essence of its technology, combines various different environments, in line with the principle of quality first, gradually develops a variety of stable and reliable, the new practical high power dc power supply...

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single/double pulse power supply
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electrocoagulation power supply
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Electrodialysis power supply
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Sewage treatment power supply
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Special power supply for gold and silver electroly
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High frequency electrophoresis power supply
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High power DC stabilized voltage switch power supply
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High power grade silicon control rectifier
Introduce High-power graded silicon control rectifier is a new type of rectifier ...

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Ningbo Yueyang Power Equipment Co., LTD.
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